Guam-A Territory With Mixed Culture

Guam is a territory of United States that is located in Western Pacific Ocean. It is numbered as one of the five union territories of United States; this territory is governed by Civilian Government. It is considered as one of sixteen non self governing Territories by the committee of Decolonization of U.N. the capital of this island is Hagatna which was formerly known as Agana. It is located as the southern most regions of Mariana Islands and is the largest one. The people that are living there are known as Chamorro, as they were the first who populated this island about 4000 years ago. This island was captured by Japanese in the year 1941. During the Japanese Governance people living there have to face torture and insult by them.

Culture and lifestyle
This island reflects truly the culture of The Chamorro inhabitants that settled there in the beginning of 2,000 B.C. its culture and lifestyle is also influenced by the European, Asian, American, Micronesian and various other people who immigrated to this island. However the original inhabitants of this place are the Indo-Malaya people that resided there and came from South East Asia. The people have similarities with the people living in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. The inhabitants living there have respect for women and they consider this as an important value of there life.

Top Hotels that one can find this place
  • Hotel Nikko
    This is a five star hotel that is established by a Japanese entrepreneur. It is located at the Northern most portion of the Tumon Bay. This Tumon Bay is located near to the Gun Beach. Swimming pool, superb interior decoration and entertainment facilities are made available to the people that are visiting there.

  • Guam Aurora Resort Villa and Spa
    This is also the biggest Japanese five star hotel, as the name itself signifies that there is spa facility that is made available to the tourists. It is located in the southern portion of the Nikko and is closure to the Tumon Bay. Various entertainment facilities are also made available to the visitors. You can find the most exotic food in this restaurant.
Once a person visits this Guam territory, he or she will never like to leave this place. The best hotels with delicious food and excellent services are center of attraction for this place. The friendly nature of the people and a mixed culture attracts a number of tourists to visit this place every year.

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