Guatemala-Beautiful Country to Be Visited

Guatemala is a country which is located in central America and is bordered by the Mexico city to the west and North, Belize to the North east, Pacific ocean to the southwest, Caribbean in the eastern direction and by Honduras to the southeast. It encompasses an area of about 108,890 kilometers square and has a population of 13,267,517. This company was earlier ruled by Spain until the year 1821 after this period it became independent and was ruled by number of dictators, which had their assistance from united fruit company. After the 36 year long war, this country experienced economic growth and democratic elections were held in the year 2011.

Culture and lifestyle
Fast food is now chosen by the people that are living in Guatemala as a part of their diet. They prefer the fruits such as mangoes, papayas, melons, pears and many other fruits in between their diets. There are transportations problem that is faced by living there this is due to increased traffic on the roads. Tortillas are eaten by the people that are living there; they cook this food usually with chili, sometimes they also use beans or stews. They celebrate the festival of Christmas and the many other customs that are celebrated in Hindu religion.

The hotels that are located in Guatemala country provide luxurious services. They also serve exotic food, which include Chinese, Mexican, Thai, continental and all other types of food items. These are having the best interior decoration and which fascinates number of tourists that visit this place. These all provide services if you want to celebrate a special occasion or a party. This country is a center of attraction for the tourists that are visiting there. they are fascinated by all types of delicious food and best services that are provided to the people that are visiting there.

Hotels Which are a center of attraction for this country
Guatemala is the best country to be visited if you want to spend your vacations; they provide packages, which attract number of people that are visiting there. You can also book the hotels and resorts of this country by means of internet and can avail attractive discounts on it, since you are reserving them during the off-season. The beautiful places and temples attract number of people; almost thousands of people visit this country every year. This country is the best place to be visited if you planning for a vacation.

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