Guinea-Bissau-All About This Country

Guinea-Bissau is a country, which is located in West Africa. This country is bordered by Senegal in the northern Region and by Guinea in the southern and eastern Region and Atlantic Ocean in the western Region. It covers an area of about 36,125 kilometers square and has a population of about 1,600,000. Guinea-Bissau was earlier a part of Gabu kingdom and Mali Empire. The capital of this country was Bissau. It became independent in the year 1973 and after its independence; the capital of this country was formed.

Culture and Lifestyle
The culture of this country is a mixed one; with about 14% of the population, living in this country speaks the language, Portuguese. About 44 % of the population speaks Kriol and a Creole language, which is a Portuguese, based language, and the remaining people, speak the African language. The major religions of this country are the African and Islam traditional religions and there is some Christian in minority. The gross capita income of this company is the lowest as compared to other countries world. The different types of dances are performed in this country; some people perform it just for the sake of entertainment while others do it to earn money.

The food served at the restaurants
Various restaurants are located in Guinea-Bissau country and serve the best food. You can find all type of delicious food especially the seafood is the specialty. The crabs, lobsters, cods, fishes and shrimps are served in these restaurants; there delicious taste attracts number of tourists towards this place. You can also find Thai, Italian, continental and Chinese food in these restaurants. The interior decoration is the best one and the smoothing atmosphere is a center of attraction. There are number of restaurants that are located on the seashore with an excellent view. The various drinks especially the scotch is famous among the people and most of the people visit in these restaurants just for drinking the scotch.

The beauty of Guinea-Bissau country and the sympathetic people attracts the tourists towards this country. The exotic food at the restaurant especially the seafood is the one for which this country is famous. You can also book the resorts and hotels of this country online as number of websites are there which provide online reservation. You can also get the various discounts on these hotels if you book them online. There also discount vouchers that you can download from the internet and can take it with you if you want to save your money.

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