Guinea Country- The Facilities That Are At the Hotel

Guinea is a country, which is located in West Africa. Earlier it was known French guinea and nowadays it is called as Guinea Conakry to differentiate it from the neighborhood country, which is known as Guinea-Bissau. This country is divided into eight administrative districts and is further divided into 33 prefectures. The capital of this country is Conakry which is the largest city having the highest economic growth. Almost 10 million of the people that live in this country belong to twenty-four ethnic group. The other major cities are also included in this country such as Labe, Kindia, Boke, Kankan and many others.

Culture and Lifestyle
This is beautiful country, which attracts number of tourists towards it every year. In this country, you can find mixed culture, the people belonging to different tribes are found here. Here you can also find European people, which are having manners and treat the people that come to their country with respect. The different types of dances are performed here. People living in this country know English and if you are new to this place, you will not find any kind of difficult in settling in there. The people of different tribes celebrate each festival which great zeal, which is appreciable.

Facilities that you can find in the hotels of this country
The hotels that are located in this country serve delicious food, which attracts a number of tourists; you can find all types of dishes such as Thai, Italian, Mexican, Continental and Chinese in the Menu of almost all the restaurants that are located there. The services that are provided to the customers that are visiting there is excellent, you can also find number of resorts in this place. There are packages that you can choose from, for instance, the cost of one room package is different as compared to the two-room package. There are also honeymoon packages and you can choose such a one, if you want to have a memorable trip with your life partner. The packages prices vary and you can choose the one, which you can afford.

Guinea is country, which fulfills all your amenities and services that you look for in a country. The hotels that are located in this place are having the best interior decoration, which attracts thousands of people every year. You can also reserve the resorts and hotels of this place during off-season and can save lot of your money, as these are available at lesser prices during that time.

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