Guyana is also known as Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The country is surrounded by Amazon River and Orinoco River as water bodies and Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela as the surrounding nations. The capital of Guyana is Georgetown and the country covers the area of around 214970 sq km with a population of around 751223 people. Guyanese Creole, English, Hindi and Portuguese are the widely spoken languages in Guyana. The people of Guyana reside mostly on the coastal strip of the country having people in heterogeneous groups inclusive of Indians, Chinese, African and European. Christianity is the major religion of the people of Guyana, followed by Hinduism and Islam. The country enjoys a tropical mode of climate. The country is covered with Tropical forest, densely placed all over the nation have a vibrant range of flora and fauna and this makes out Guyana to be the hotspot.

The Modes To Commute In Guyana
Cheddi Jagan International Airport is the International Airport that helps the country to commute to and fro and to connect with the rest of the world. Railway too can be the source to commute within the country and from the nearby countries.

Top Restaurants That Can Be Considered In Guyana
  • Dutch Bottle Cafe
    The restaurant serves the best and the most cost effective cuisines in Guyana. The restaurant's ambience is embraced by the exclusive paintings made by the local artists. The restaurant serves the food both if vegetarian and non- vegetarian variant.

  • Oasis Café
    The cafe turns out to be the best mode enhancer serving the best form of coffee, sandwiches and various other small munches. The restaurant provides the customers with the internet facilities along with great coffee.

  • New Thriving
    The restaurant is the best outlet serving the best Chinese in the country and is located in Georgetown.
Culture and Lifestyle
The country has the influence on culture, food, music etc of West Indies. Education is the mandatory part in the country but there has been certain issues regarding the Education System of the country so the people from the country have moved on to different countries for effective studies. Further Cricket is played at the International level and Guyana is inclusive in the International team of West Indies.

Wonderland and Rainforest Tours serves to be the centre of attraction for Tourists exploring the various flora and fauna of the country.

People are focused to mining, fisheries, agriculture and forestry which provide a great economic state to the country. The country is rich in sugar, rice and fishes too.

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