Haiti: The Country Deprived of A Stable Economy

Haiti is also known as Republic of Haiti. Haiti is considered as a Caribbean country having the highest point named Pic la selle. The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince. The language spoken by the people of Haiti is French and Haitian Creole. Haiti covers the area of 27750 sq km and the population of the country is of 9,719,932 people. The people of Haiti follow the religion of Christianity, major part follows Roman Catholicism and the minor remains are Protestants. The majority of the people are black. The climate remains rainy from the months of April to November and suffers Hurricanes from August and September. Haiti suffers Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Tropical storms frequently. The earthquake in 2010, that was of magnitude 7.0, the most serious one from the past many years in the country. The economy of the country is informal and suffers from underemployment and unemployment, which is the major problem of the country, the consequence of the natural hazards. The majority of the people in Haiti are under poverty line due to this unstable economy of the nation

The Modes Of Commutation In Haiti
American Airlines, Air France, Spirit Airlines are some of the Airlines that have served the commutation purpose both domestically as well as internationally.

The Best Restaurants In The Country
  • Epi d'Or
    The restaurant is located in Port Au Prince serving greatly flavoured Subway sandwiches, burgers and pizzas. The restaurant also serves in open air with cool and bright surroundings, which adds to the delicious food.

  • Fior di Latte
    The restaurant is an Italian one serving the best Pizzas and Pastas in the city. The last course of the meal is marked by the home-made ice-cream that adds up to the cuisine.

  • Presse Café
    The cafe is the great casual bar having a relaxing ambience with small snakes, soft live music. The ambience involves Jazz Heroes' photographs and old newspapers used to enlighten the ambience of the cafe.
Culture And Lifestyle
The Haitian culture has the influences of European and African culture having great impressions in the famous paintings, art and the sculpture. Compass is the music form considered by the country. Soccer and Basketball are the most played games in Haiti.

The sites that can be visualized as the tourist attraction in Haiti include Salubria Gallery, having paintings in a house at every wall of the house. Etang saumatre is the site for the diversified flora and fauna inclusive of American Crocodiles, flamingos, cacti, etc.

The economy of the country is developing is from the hazards caused by the recent earthquakes the country needs stability

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