Heard Islands & Mc Donald Islands: The Remote Islands

Heard Islands & Mc Donald Islands are the islands located in Indian Ocean. The islands are the Antarctic Islands near Australia. The island has the coverage area of 368 sq km marked by absolute no human habitation. The entire island is covered by glaciers and is the remotest island with no inhabitants in there. The Mc Donald Island is in the west of Heard Island and the island is rocky. The islands experience Antarctic form of climate which is marked with strong winds and temperatures between 0- 4.2 degrees, averagely. The country is covered with grasses, mosses, liverworts and lichens grown in dispersed area all over the islands. The fauna found in these Islands includes various Seals and southern Elephant Seal. There are large numbers of nesting seabirds found in the island including Captrels, Kelp Gulls, Heard Shag and Antarctic terns.

Modes Of Commuting In The Islands
The commutation to the Islands could be made only through expeditions and mounting tours. The landing to the islands could be made through Mc Donald Island only.

Other Inclusions
The economic activity of these islands is completely zero as there is no habitation and hint of any substantial activities to be performed due to tough climatic conditions.
  • The administration of Heard Island and Mc Donald Island is overseen by Department of Environment and water resources of Australia for serving safety and restoration for seals, bird species and other forms of fauna found in these islands.

  • Limited form of fishing is permitted to be performed in the Islands but with special grants and permission by the administrators.

  • The vegetation of the Heard Island and Mc Donald Island includes variety Mossy fellfield, Wet mixed herbfield, Coastal Biotic, and closed cushionfields.

  • There are presence of various Bryophytes like mosses, liverworts and lichens in the islands, in large number and variety.

  • There are large numbers of terrestrial algae found in the Islands too.

  • There are two active volcanoes present on the Islands too.

  • The vegetation present in the islands is due to availability of optimum conditions such as water, soil composition and wind exposure too that serves to this level of vegetation present in these islands.

  • There are various water bodies, wetlands, lagoons, glacial pools and streams which are the residing site of various flora and fauna.

  • There have been introduction and obtainment of various new species from Heard Islands and Mc Donald Island.