Heaven On Earth Is Gambia

If you are longing for a holiday and cannot find out a prefect holiday destination then the visit to Gambia best options. The unique location of the will make you fan of its beauty. The city is popular among the tourists and travellers.

Gambia is famous for its unique qualities. In the cold season where everyplace is filled with ice no one wants to go out of the house. In that hostile weather a visit to Gambia can give u pleasure of sun bath and one can enjoy a day long under the rays of sun. Gambia is one of the famous vacation spot for winter season. The capital of Gambia is Banjul. One can reach to Gambia within 6 hours from any European country. Gambia is unique because it has moderate temperature when the other parts of the world shiver with cold then Gambia has shining sun and warm beaches.

Not only is this Gambia also very much famous for its cultural heritage and history. The state has historical link with the countries of western Africa. It is mainly an agricultural based country where people mainly depend upon farming, irrigation and fishing.

Visiting Gambia can be a great experience for a person. The colourful atmosphere and bright sun will make you forget everything else on earth. Before going to any place people mainly search for hotels. Tourists generally try to hire cheap and best hotels

Gambia proffers a multiplicity of lodgings, from luxurious hotels, guesthouses, self-catering apartments, and country lodges. There palm-fringed coastline is one of the resort areas and it's known as the with extended stretch of yellow sands looking the Atlantic Ocean. Lodgings are frequently reserved up in the wintry weather season and the single traveller must check the confirmation of their advance booking.

The hotels are made in spacious gardens and complexes and they mostly attract almost every tourist who visits this place. If you want to have the facility of ac (air-condition) then you have add it to your request while applying for the hotels.

In the rural area there is availability several of motels in Gambia, like camps and lodges which have comfy and pleasant staying.

Even one can have variety of food and cuisines in the state of Gambia. Gambia provides various kinds of African foods and authentically continental drinks like coconut water, lemon juice and other. Non vegetarian foods are their speciality.

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