Holy See (Vatican City State): The Overview

Holy See is the central government for the Roman Catholic Church which is monitored and ranked above by a Bishop who is called Pope. The Holy See form of jurisdiction has the influence of Christianity on it. Holy See has the consideration of whole of the Catholic Church. The Holy See is not exactly Vatican City but is considered as the jurisdiction for the country as a whole. Vatican City is known as State of City of Vatican. The country is located in Rome, Italy. The language spoken by the people of Vatican City is Italian, Latin, German and French and the people are present in groups of Italians and Swizz. The area of Vatican City is small that counts to.44 sq km having a population of around 830 people. Vatican City has a control of Pope that serves for the sovereignty policy, presently Benedict XVI is the Pope of Vatican City State. This small nation might be small but has a settled economy that depends on the art and cultural activities of the nation.

The Modes Of Commutation To And Fro Vatican City
Ciampino Airport and Leonardo Da Vinci Fiumicino Airports are the mode to commute to and from Vatican City. Vatican City too have Railway and Heliport services to help move within the city.

The Best Sites To Be Witnessed In Vatican City
Basilica di San Pietro- The site is the Cathedral Church. The Church is a large one that served the purpose of dining too for the religious followers. The Church is the consideration of St. Peter made in the period of Renaissance by the Renaissance architects.
  • Vatican Museum
    The museum has art galleries and different ancient and the cultural linkages in the form of paintings, scripts, books and sculptures.

  • La Pieta
    La Pieta is the famous sculpture work found in Vatican City found in St. Peter's Cathedral made by Michelangelo and is the tourist attraction too.
Culture And Lifestyle
Vatican City has the cultural and traditional form of proceedings which is handled by the Pope of the country acknowledging the Holy See.

The city is famous for art and architecture that can be seen through the architectural works by the architects of that time inclusive of Maderno, Bramante and Michelangelo. The lifestyle of the people could be seen reflected through the art forms.

The economy of Vatican City is run by Tourism, by the revenues generated through Vatican Museum and Post offices. The city serves to be the attraction for tourists because of art galleries, paintings and architectural stands.