Honduras: An Overview

Honduras is also known as Republic of Honduras. The country is surrounded by Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua as the other countries and the water bodies includes Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa and Comayaguela. The area of the country is 112492 sq km and the population of the country is 8249574 people. The population widely speaks Spanish, English, Garifuna and Miskito. The majority of the population includes Mestizo while the other includes Amerindians, Blacks and White groups. The religion followed by the population is Roman Catholicism, while Protestants are increasing in the country. The weather remains constant throughout the year with 5 degree, marked by rains from May to November months. The country is a hotspot because of its biodiversity having great flora and fauna. The economy of the country is pacing up slowly from the present existing one.

The Modes Of Commuting Within And From The Country
Honduras has four International Airports namely Roatan International Airport, San Pedro Sula International Airport, Tegucipalpa International Airport have various international as well as domestic flights to commute amongst the countries. Air France, Atlantic Airlines, American Airlines are the various airlines that do regularly commutes between Honduras as various other countries.

The Top Restaurants In Honduras
  • Munchies
    The restaurant is located Utila city of Honduras. The restaurant has Caribbean influence in its cuisines. The restaurant is having the outdoor sitting arrangement providing a great feel to the visitors. The restaurant provides good, limited and vegetarian food.

  • Expatriates Bar and Grill
    The restaurant is located in La Ceiba city of Honduras. The restaurant is one of the favourite of the foreigners and the tourists. The restaurant serves great barbecue food inclusive of chicken breast, chicken wings and also the vegetarian stuff too. The live music and the Television placed for the Sports or local event to watch adds to the ambience of the restaurant.

  • Jim's Pizza Copan
    The restaurant is in Copan Ruinas city og Honduras. The outlet is the best pizza serving one. The open air kitchen is an inclusion of the restaurant. There are great vibrant of pizzas served by the restaurant, relished by the customers.
Culture and Lifestyle
The country of Honduras has Maya and Cenca as the major traditional groups. The country enjoys Football as its favourite sport and does participate at an international level.

The people of Honduras are majorly literates and have great contribution towards Literature. Some of the writers of the country include Froylan Tuccous and Marco Antonio Soa. The country is more focused in writing Legends and fairytales. Honduras has art works too in the form of paintings by Jose Antonio Velasquez.

The electricity in Honduras is privatized which is quiet distinguishing.

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