Hong Kong: The Inclusions and Happenings

Hong Kong is the country located in the Southern coast of China surrounded by Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. The country occupies an area of 1104 sq km sustaining 7061200 people. The country has a majority of Chinese residing in it. The language spoken by the people of Hong Kong include Chinese, English and Cantonese. The religion of Hong Kong is not easily defined as it has the different groups of people residing, then too Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism could be considered as the widely considered religions in the country. The country experiences hot and humid summers while the winters in Hong Kong is comparatively cool in the initial stages but further the temperature lowers a bit in January month. Hong Kong has a growing economy that is marked by great finance and trade. Tourism is one of the effective economic considerations for the country.

Modes To Commute To And Fro The Nation
The country has 70 International Airlines which connects Hong Kong to various other countries. British Airways, Air New Zealand and China Eastern are some of the airways that help commuting from and to Hong Kong. Airport Express within Hong Kong serves to be effective mode of commutation.

Ferry services like China ferry terminal and Macau ferry pier do also serve for moving within Hong Kong itself.

The Best Hotels In Hong Kong
  • City Hall Maxim's Palace
    The restaurant reflects to some old times when the restaurants where heavily occupied. In the same respect, this restaurant is crowded and noisy. The food is of great variation served up in the place.

  • La Kasbah
    The restaurant is the expensive one having a touch of Moroccan and Algerian Dishes

  • Tung Po Seafood Restaurant
    The restaurant serves the best sea food, prawns and the fried rice in the lotus leaf.
Sights To be Considered In Hong Kong
Tian Tan Buddha, a religious site to visit beholding 23 m high statue of Buddha is one of the tourist attractions. Ocean Park including rides, educational affairs and Roller coaster is again a tourist attraction.

Culture And Lifestyle
Hong Kong has Chinese influence on the culture, food, cuisines etc. Fen Shui being the art followed by the people of Hong Kong is again an adoption from Chinese culture. Dim sums and fast food is again an adoption from China. The media, movies, music all have the Chinese influence in Hong Kong.

The country is the tourist vacation spot too and the economy of the country too depends on Tourism. The light show of Symphony of Light is the famous tourist attraction in the country.

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