How You Can Reach Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island is an Antarctic volcanic island that is located in the South Atlantic Ocean, that is about 2,525 kilometer southwest of South Africa. This island is a dependent territory of Norway and is lying about 60 degree South latitude. The center of this island is filled with ice crater of another inactive volcano which is known as Wilhelm plateau. It is a uninhabitated and remote island in this world. This island is located in the area of about 49 km2, 93% of which is covered by glaciers, which result in the blocking of the south and east coasts. There are several islands that are located offshore such as Lars Island in the south west direction.

Culture and lifestyle
There are several types of dance form that are performed on this island. Different types of ballerina, footwear and sandals are available at cheaper prices. You can see the villagers usually make the dance performance to entertain the tourists that are visiting there. Though this island is difficult to approach but the best means tourists prefer to reach this island is by means of helicopter. An abandoned lifeboat is also discovered on this island, with several types of facilities. Weather station is set up in this island by Norwegians.

Best way to reach this place
Since the entire Bouvet Island is a nature reserve, it is sure that you will be denied permission to get into this island, if you choose the means of tourism to enter this place. If you are willing to reach this island than your best means will be to reach this place is to find out, when the next research expedition is scheduled to go and enquire from them that they can take you. If you are having a useful occupation, such as research biologist, helicopter pilot, arctic research or a physician you will be probably welcome to this island. This is nothing even a remote harbor in this place, though it is possible to anchor outside it. If you are willing to take the risk than you can prefer the means of light boat, but the best means is to go by means of helicopter.

Bouvet Island is Remote Island in this world, but you want to visit a different location, full of natural beauty than you must visit this place. The various dance forms that are performed there are quite entertaining for number of people. You can book the tickets of helicopter to go there, by visiting various tourism websites.