Hungary: The Landlocked Nation of Europe

Hungary is the country located in Central Europe, and is a landlocked nation in Europe. The country is surrounded by Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. The capital of Hungary is Budapest. Hungary covers an area of 93030 sq km with a population of 10,198,315 people who consider Hungarian as their official language. The religion followed by Hungarians includes Catholicism, People there are Romans, Greeks, Catholics and Protestants and there are people who follow Judaism too. The climate of the country is continental, which is marked by hot summers and very cold winters marked by heavy snowfalls. The country has a market economy to follow. The country did suffered from recession in 2000, but now the country has moved towards privatization and other alliances are also held for economy to accelerate.

The Modes To Commute In And Out Of Hungary
Ferihegy International Airport is the International airport which is the mode of commutation to various domestic and international destinations. Maldev Hungarian Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, Aeroflot and Austrian Airlines are some airlines to commute the country to various countries.

The Restaurants Available In Hungary
  • Menza
    The restaurant is located in Budapest. The restaurant serves the best lunches and dinners in the country serving the perfect classic Hungarian food form.

  • Auguszt Cukraszda
    The restaurant is located in Budapest city of Hungary behind the Mammut Shopping mall. The restaurant serves the shop made cookies, biscuits, cakes and other confectioneries too.

  • Muzeum
    The restaurant is 125 years old and serves the ancient or the old types of food. The restaurant is located near the Hungarian National Museum and serves the best Hungarian wines. The goose liver parfait, tall food course is the tourist attraction in the city for food.
Culture And Lifestyle
The country is marked by Hungarians, Romans and other migrants to the country. The country is marked by great architectural structures namely Great Synagogue, Pannonhalma Archabbery and Esztergom Basiluca. The music of the country is popular, classic and folk music form. The country is famous for many pianists namely Franz Schmidt and Dohnanyi. The pianists, violists and organists are greatly present in the country. Literature of the country is marked by poetries and historical writings like Hungarians Lament of Mary.

The country has great achievements in Olympic game and had won 465 medals till now in various games Swimming, Water Polo etc. Hungary has its own International Football team.

The country has a market economy having Foreign Investments as well as ownerships in the country too.

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