Importance of Tourism in Azerbaijan Economy

With excellent natural resources, Azerbaijan is visited by thousands of tourists all around the world. Diversity in culture and some wonderful places to visit, it certainly has everything you ever wanted for vacations. It has been the prime reasons why more and more foreign tourist makes visits here every year. Though it has been a point of attraction till 1980s, but due to Nagorno-Karabakh War things changed suddenly, but it has not remained the same from the year 2000. From then on Azerbaijan witnessed a tremendous change in number of visitors.

Places to Visit in Azerbaijan
While making a visit to Azerbaijan you have number of options when it comes to best places. Baku, the capital of the nation itself is capable of displaying tremendous and rapid development made in recent decades. While you are in Baku, there are numerous marvellous places that you can visit. Taghivey history museum is one such place that was once the place used for accommodation for H.Z. Taghivey, one of the top oil industrialist of all time in the nation. Astonishing interior along with ornaments to display glorious history will make you wonder. Another place, where you can make a visit is Maiden's Tower that is considered as the prime signature of the nation's capital. Amazing experience of climbing over outer walls of this indispensible part of the town, that is believed to be built during 12thcentury, is fabulous. Yet another place visiting Azerbaijan is Khan's palace. For numerous tourists it is the best place to hang out while in visit to the country.

Efforts to Improve Tourism
Realizing the importance of tourism and expected scope in the country number of tourism agencies have immerged. From the government's part too efforts have been made to improve tourism spots, so that number of tourists can be increased. Standards have been raised as far as accommodation and means of transports are concerned. Unlike before special tours are initiated for the convenience of tourists.

The north-west region of Iran is considered as Azerbaijan. Cotton, rice, grains and numerous fruits are the prime crops. Though county have done wonderfully, when it comes to industrial development. Vehicle factories, textile, food processing and sugar plants are some of the main sources of revenue and has thorough importance in economic development. But tourism does play a key role in overall GDP of Azerbaijan.

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