Ireland: The Overview

An island, Ireland is situated in northwest of the Europe. It is third biggest islands in Europe. It is twentieth biggest islands on whole Earth. There is another larger island on the east, the Great Britain. From Britain it is split by the well-known Irish Sea. The attractive island is distributed into two majors, firstly Republic of Ireland covering just under five-sixths of the island, and second is Northern Ireland, which is a part of a part of the United Kingdom. On the coast, mountains surrounded central plains. The Carrauntuo hill in County Kerry is with 1041 meters the highest mountain. The Shannon divides the island into two equal parts and is not at 370 km, of which nearly 250 km are navigable, the longest river.

Flora and fauna of Ireland
Ireland is generally less rich in species than continental Europe or the neighbouring island of The Great Britain. This is mainly because that Ireland was isolated by the relatively fast after the ice age sea level rise. Of the only 31 native mammals in Ireland, some like the badger, red fox or the hedgehog are very common, while others such as the red deer are found only in national parks. In addition to this, Ireland has no more major natural forest left in their nation. The demand for wood from many firms like shipyards, metal smelting and glass works ensured that till 1901 only 1 percent of the island was covered with forest. In 1997 it was thanks to EU funding already 5 percent. 2002 were already 10 percent of the land as forested and have been used for forestry. The Irish government intends to increase this percentage to 17% by 2030.

Culture and lifestyle of Ireland
Ireland's rich culture constitutes the elements of the culture of ancient immigrations and influences. Ireland is considered the Celtic nation of Europe, also including Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, etc. These are visible in the ornamentation of medieval range of religious and regular secular activities. The lifestyle of Ireland is still popular today by the means of jewellery and graphic art.

Religion of Ireland too has played a marginal role in the cultural life of the people of island. Ireland has a pre-Christian heritage which fused with the Celtic Church of the Northern Ireland following the rules of missions of Saint Patrick in the 4th century.

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