General overview
Israel lies in the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. It covers the area of about 20, lies at the junction of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. It is bordered by Syria, Jordan and west bank, Egypt and Lebanon. The capital of Israel is, Jerusalem. Israel currency is the shekel (IS).Israel has technologically advanced and diversified economy. It is a world leader in software development. It is also supposed as one of the best centre of diamond cutting and polishing. Languages spoken over there are Arabic and Hebrew. Israeli cuisine has adopted elements of various styles of Jewish cuisine. Climate is temperate, except in desert areas.

Best way to reach Israel
Israel is a small country so transportation is mainly based on private motor vehicles, buses and train services, in reasonable price for both local and intercity trips. The egged bus company operates most of the intercity bus lines. Buses are usually comfortable and air conditioned. Several companies offer internal flights also, but these are expensive.

Best hotels in Israel
  • The David citadel hotel
    It is the most newest and luxuries hotel. It is the ideal location to explore the wonders of the city. It has finest cuisine and wide range of amenities for the discerning guest.

  • The king David, Jerusalem
    It's the preferred choice of world leaders and celebrities alike. Its elegance and tranquility make it perfect choice for discerning vacationer or for the business traveler.

  • Inbal Jerusalem hotel
    Centrally located next to the liberty bell park. The only luxury hotel to offer a unique Jerusalem experience. It was built inside and out from traditional Jerusalem stone surrounded by magnificent courtyard.
Best restaurant in Israel
  • Toto restaurant
    It is located in the tel aviv museum tower. It offers a combination of Mediterranean cuisine. The service at the restaurant is generous, with a smile.

  • Flea Italian restaurant tel aviv
    It's a Italian restaurant offers a large variety of pasta, pizza and few meat dishes as well known for its delicious starters and reasonable price.
Culture and lifestyle
There are countless different ways to describe life of Israel. Over, 7 million inhabitants embrace a mixture of people with varied background, lifestyles, religions, cultures and tradition. Culture of Israeli is heterogeneous and dynamic. Culture expression through the arts is as varied as the people themselves, with literature, concerts, radio and television programming, museums and galleries for interest. The religious city adapts their clothing to fit the rules of modesty. Food plays an important role in nearly all Jewish celebration. Camping and hiking are also an integral part of their culture. It's a leading country in the development of solar energy.

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