Italy is located in southern Europe. It is boot-shaped surrounded by Ligurian Sea and the Sardinian sea, Adriatic Sea in the east, Tyrrhenian Sea in the west and Ionian Sea in the south. It is bounded by franc, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia to the north. The capital of Italy is, arguably. It is famous for its cuisine, sports car, motor cycles and trendy fashion. The currency in Italy is euro (EUR) Climate of Italy is highly diverse as it has hot dry summer. Winters are cold and damp in the north and milder in the south. In terms of population density it stands fifth all over Europe. Italian is the official language commonly spoken over there.

Best way to reach
Trains are the best way to travel around.eurostar, most widely available train to reach your destination. Buses are also used as the modes of transportation as cars are not allowed in many cities without special permit boats form the typical means of transportation from mainland of Italy to many islands. Flights are commonly used to travel long distance as airports are situated outside the city while train stations are situated centrally.

Best hotels in Italy
  • Hotel villa spalletti trivelli
    It's a classic luxury hotel, known as urban villa of the spalletti trivelli.It is the unique hotel among the historic residences with splendid Italian gardens and refined environments.

  • Luna hotel baglioni
    It's a hotel for discerning travelers who are looking for romance and luxury.

  • Relasis Santa Croce
    It's an 18th century residence with sumptuous furnishing. It is the ideal destination for those seeking the intimacy of a private residence in Florence.
Top restaurants
  • Fuor d'Acqua- Florence, Italy
    Famous restaurant in fluoresce famous for its seafood. Place works as a treat but is not expensive at all.

  • Osteria dei centopoveri
    This is another restaurant which is famous for its seafood. It is situated near piazza Santa Maria novella. There were lots of different flavors of souffles that you can order.

  • Donna rosa-montepertuso
    It is situated near positano.Its a quite good foodie place with refined food. The food is very fresh and inventive.
Culture and lifestyle
Life in Italy makes it very easy for visitors as it has numerous art galleries and open threators.Music plays an important role in Italian culture. Piano and violin were invented in Italy. People are very charming and relaxed, great lover of food and drinks.vollyball is very much enjoyed. It is also famous for its leather and finest gloves, shoes jacket and bags. Everything is very appealing-from their clothing to music. Italians celebrate different festival throughout the year with great joy, lots of events and carnivals are celebrated.

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