Jamaica: An Overview

Jamaica is an autonomous island nation inside the Commonwealth of Nations in the Caribbean. Jamaica is recognized for its diverse culture, but also for their social and economic problems. It was inhabited under Dutch rule in New Netherland by the name Rustdorp.

Previously, it was famous by the African-American vicinity in the constituency of Queens. Jamaica in some decades has been experiencing a sharp incursion of other ethnicities. It has a significant absorption of West Indian immigrants, Dominicans, Indians, Russians, Filipinos, Arabs, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and many African American families which have been established before.

Tourists started to come in Jamaica in large groups in 1970. Most are arriving by the two intercontinental airports in Montego Bay and Kingston with a cruise ship. The tourists are various excursions, usually offered to natural scenic attractions, as historical (colonial) buildings are generally shallow. Large shopping malls or pedestrian zones such as in tourist centers in other countries, we search in vain however, as a rule. The markets and shops are designed to meet the needs of the local population, but also exist for tourists provided (craft) markets, but where just like everywhere else normal souvenirs (T-shirts and mugs with Jamaican terms, self-made jewelry and wood carvings) can be purchased. Markets with a ample variety of fake designer fabrics also do not exist.

Especially in the tourist centers, tourists are found in great numbers but downright overwhelmed by the Jamaicans.

Culture and Lifestyle
Jamaican culture has a well-built global presence instead of being a small nation. Particularly striking African influences, but also European and Asian traditions have taken effect.

Sport is a basic part of Jamaica and their popular local game is cricket, but in worldwide, Jamaicans have are well in Track and Field.

Music is vital part of national identity and image of the island of Jamaica abroad. Many styles spread from here all over the world.

The Jamaican literature can be roughly divided into three divisions: Colonial literature, anti-colonial literature and post colonial literature. The oldest literary works written in Jamaica come from British. The works were mostly influenced by European culture travelogues and poems about the conditions in the colonies. They differ little from works created in rest of the West Indies.

The Jamacian island is well-known for Jamaican jerk spice outlining a trendy part of Jamaican cuisine. Jamaica also produces Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and Red Stripe beer.

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