Japan: The Place to Visit Once in Your Life

Japan, is a country located in Asia. Japan is a group of four large and several small islands. Beach, the islands east of Asia, i.e. are located in the heart of Pacific Ocean. Its closest neighbours are China, Russia and whole Korea. Japanese call their country Nippon, which means that Land of Rising Sun. Japan's capital is Tokyo, and it other major metropolitans are Yokohama, Kyoto and Osaka. Japan constitutes many small and large islands. Japan is made up of the 6800 islands. Out of these, only 340 islands are larger than one square kilometre. Japan is often called the country's four major islands. These islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and kyushu. 74.2 percent of Japanese land is arable land due to the terrain surrounded by mountains is only 13.4 percent, 3.9 percent and 3.6 percent in water use is residential land. Japan is not a self-sufficient nation in food.

Economy of Japan
According to one estimate, Japan is the world's second largest economy. But Japan's economy is not stable. Japanese and Western scholars to study abroad were hired in order to teach in Japan. Many of today's enterprises were set up time. Japan emerged as a developed country in Asia.

Culture and lifestyle of Japan
Some people consider an extension of Japan's culture is the culture of China. Japanese people have the slavish imitation of Chinese culture in many disciplines. The Chinese and Korean Buddhist monks came through. The high point of Japan's culture is that people here are very attached with their culture. Month of March is the month of festivals over here in Japan.

There are several things in Japan, which attracts its visitors, and one of them is its ultimate climate. The best climate in Japan can be found in the month between March to April. These months are the best to visit this place because the climate remains perfect with no excess in hot or cold temperature. Apart from this factor, the festival here in Japan also starts within these months. It is considered that your journey to Japan is incomplete if you have not visited to picturesque Mt. Fuji, because this is the place, which has world fame.

Thus, if you are planning for a tour in order to make it memorable, then the best place I can suggest you is Japan as it is full of adventures. So, for whom are you waiting, just pack up your bags and book your ticket to Japan.

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