Jordon: The Overview

If you are searching for a place to spend, your vacations then keep on reading this article as it will guide you with the best place in order to make your memories unforgettable. One such place is Jordan as the culture, climate and lifestyle of this place is just awesome and cannot be find anywhere else in this world. Before booking your tickets to Jordan you must check out the perfect weather in which you should visit this place. The winters in Jordan are for very short duration of time as compared to summers and sunny weather.

January is considered as the coldest month here in Jordan as the temperature during this time ranges from 3-8°C.

Things to visit in Jordan
There are several places to visit in Jordan, some of the most important are mentioned as under.
  • Karak
    It is one of the tallest and the historical buildings existing in Jordan. This place is still famous for the battles that were fought here during ancient times.

  • Petra
    This is another famous place in Jordan, where one can find beautiful buildings and towers. All these things attract a lot to the visitor coming to this place.
The capital Amman is located in the northwest of the jordon. The state budget expenditures of Jordon in 2009 consisted of the equivalent of 9.2 billion U.S. dollars; the receipts were compared to the equivalent of 5.5 billion U.S. dollars. Public debt of Jordon in 2009 amounted to 15.96 billion U.S. dollars or 59.9% of GDP.

Culture and Lifestyle of Jordan
Jordanians, 98.2% consider themselves as Arabs. Small ethnic minorities form 0.5% Bevolkerungsaunteil with Circassians, and each with 1 population Armenians, Turks and Kurds. Furthermore, there are guest workers from Southeast Asia. About 50% of the Arab population come from the roughly 700,000 Palestinians, which have fled Palestine after the war and the Six Day War after Jordan. The two largest cities of Jordan, Amman and Zarqa have Palestinian population majorities of 90 to 99%. Approximately 437 000 or 18% of the 1.7 million registered refugees in the country, which Jordan has granted citizenship as the only Arab country to live by as before in 10 refugee camps. The national holiday of Jordon is the 25th May by accepting the title of King Abdullah I, 1946. The well-known Jerash Festival is celebrated every summer, which brings together musicians from many Arab nations.

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