Journey to Germany

It is a country of Europe continent with 16 states. Berlin is its capital city and the largest city of the country. It is one of the largest political and economical powers of Europe continent. It is a major country economical market of Europe with the growing advancement and development of various technologies. It reaches such a high status in Europe with its honest and hardworking labour and economy based on social market.

Best places in Germany
  • Neuschwanstein castle
    It is located in the mountain of Alps. It is famous for shooting of many movies Walt Disney production.

  • Trier city
    It is one of the oldest cities of Germany.

  • Weimar city
    It is a major German city enriched with German culture. Here, many famous artists complete their literature, music and other arts.
Other famous destinations are Brandenburg gate in Berlin, The romantic road, the cathedral of cologne, Oktoberfest in Munich, Dresden Frauenkirche, The black forest and The Christmas market in Nuremberg

Top Hotels that one can find in Germany
  • Casa camper hotel in Berlin
    The design of the rooms is great, very comfortable but practical and the showers are very nice. The hotel's restaurant is open all day; you have this feeling in Casa Camper that you are almost not in a hotel as you have a greater level of freedom like home.

  • Mandarin oriental in Munich
    It takes a walking distance from hotel to many of the attractions in Munich & everything in the city centre such as Hofbrauhaus, Marienplatz, the Isar River, The main shopping district etc. The breakfast, lunch and dinner all are excellent. The staffs are wonderful, professional and very kind.
Culture & Lifestyle of Germany
Germany has given many poets and thinkers to the world and millions of intellectual beings are lived this land of arts. It has thousands of museums, libraries, theatres and opera that resembles its people uses the freedom of expression in arts and creative purposes.

Germany has always been a beast choice for intellectual travellers who have a thirst for knowledge. They can travel here with their family with the guarantee of travelling satisfaction. They can find the various destinations to travel in this huge country. However, do not be confused by the diversified holiday destinations. Think and choose wisely a holiday destination which best suits your travelling purpose.

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