Kazakhstan: An Overview

Kazakhstan is a state between the Caspian Sea and Altai Mountains. Measured at the surface, Kazakhstan is found ninth biggest country of the world.

The single border present in the north is the one to Russia. In the South Kazakhstan, bordering states are Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and and on the southeast bordered by the People's Republic of China. Kazakhstan covers an area of 2.7249 million square kilometres, the ninth biggest country and also the largest landlocked country on earth.

The relief of Kazakhstan is very diverse, although most of the territory consists of plains, low mountains and hills.

Mode of communication in Kazakhstan
  • Railway
    The route network in Kazakhstan is Temir Scholy Kazakhstan (KTZ) made by the railway company, it covers 13.7 thousand km routes in the Russian broad gauge (1,520 mm track width), of which 3700 km are electrified (2006).

  • Road network
    The road system is urbanized and extends to about 141,000 km, corresponding to European standards, only the highway Astana-Almaty. The roads are outside ofmetropolitan areas do not like the highways or freeways developed and even in large wide streets from each other. The main roads are M32, M36 and M38.

  • Waterways
    In Atyrau and Aktau are the ports positioned on the Caspian Sea. Major waterways are the Irtysh and Schajyq.

  • Air traffic
    The largest airports in Kazakhstan are in the capital Astana and Almaty. They are used by several international airlines fly to. The Lufthansa connects the two cities with Frankfurt and Main. Another major airport is the Airport Sary-Arka Karaganda.

    The Air Astana is the national airline, and incidentally the only one from Kazakhstan. Other major airlines are SCAT and Sayakhat.

  • Transport
    Public transport was organized exemplary in Soviet times: trams, suburban trains and trolley buses present in all cities.
Culture and Lifestyle of Kazakhstan
Sport in Kazakhstan experienced a relatively high esteem, which can be traced backside in the USSR at the very high value and the associated sports promotion. The Kazakhs are the most popular sports football and hockey.

Typical of the Kazakh cuisine is Beshbarmak. The food is parched with fat boiled mutton or horse meat and served with lasagna-like wafer-thin rolled, cooked flat bread by hand.

The Kazakh cuisine is based on their location, language, culture and religion is linked to the Central Asian and Slavic countries combined.

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