Know About Bulgaria in Depth

Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic in the south Eastern Europe. It borders Serbia and Macedonia in the west side, Romania in the northern side, Turkey and Greece in the southern side as well the Black sea in the Eastern direction. It has a territory of about 110,994 kilometers square. It is the 15th largest country in Europe. Prehistoric culture was seen developing there during the Neolithic period. Its capital is Sofia is the largest city and is known for cultural and commercial activities. The strongest sector is the agriculture, engineering and heavy industry in Bulgaria.

Culture and lifestyle
There are about 82.6 % of the people living there are orthodox, about 1.2% are Muslim and 1.2% are Christian and other religions people are about 4%. The language that is spoken there is Bulgarian with about 12 million people speaking this language. This language was the first Slavic language that was written but later on several Turkish words were included in this language after it became independent. Most of the people living there are born in Bulgarian Orthodox church. People living there do not believe in Nuclear families they usually have extended families. People living there are traditional and give respect to the values and traditions they follow.

Top Restaurants that one can find this place
  • BBQ restaurant "Andromeda Nessebar"
    This is famous for the delicious food it serves to the consumers that visit there. The tea and coffee are also the specialty of this restaurant. It is a three star restaurant, with a pool and bar facility.

  • Bar and Food "The Lions Pub"
    It is not an expensive restaurant; even a middle class person can afford to go there. The food that there serve is mouth watering; you can find all types of food that both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

  • Folk Restaurant" Chevermeto"
    It is located near to the bus station; various gazals and dance performance are made in this restaurant to entertain the people.
Bulgaria is the best place where you can visit with your friends and family and can have a great time there. The people living there are very understanding and respect the visitors that come there. You can have great time with them, though they don't understand your language but their actions speaks more as if they are giving you respect.

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