Know the Fact of Niger Country

Niger is country in Western Africa, and its name is given after Niger river. It borders Benin and Nigeria in the Southern region, Libya and Algeria in the Northern region and Chad in the eastern region. It encompasses an area of about 1,270,000 kilometers square thus making it the largest country in West Africa and about 80% of the land is covered by Sahara dessert. It is a developing country and has the lowest ranks in the United Nations Development Index, and its rank is 167 th among the 169 countries. Various non-desserts areas are located in this country and are threatened by desertification and droughts. Since independence, the people that are living there have three periods of military government. This country has a population of about 15,000,000. The capital of Niger is Niamey.

Culture and lifestyle
The people of Niger are experiencing severe problems due to sudden volcanic eruptions, dessert terrain. The poor education system, lack of infrastructure, poverty of people, poor health care systems are the severe issues which disappoints the people that are living there. The majority of people that are living in rural area have only little access to the education system. Nigerian culture is a variation of French colonialism. Until the year 1990, the government and the policies of Niger were dominated by Zarma and Niamey people. Around 90% of the people living in Niger are Muslims, 5% are following Islam, 4% Of Animism and 1% of the people follow other religions.

Best Hotels in Niger
  • L'hotel JANGORZO
    This hotel is located on the way of the airport. There are about 130 rooms in this hotel and are often termed as Suites. The satellite TV and television facilities are also available in this hotel. This is hotel and a bar. A breakfast at this hotel will cost you about 1000 CFA and dinner or lunch will cost about 5000 CFA.

  • Hotel Gaweye Sofitel
    This hotel is located in the main area of this city and is above the Niger River. It is a five star hotel with all the facilities. The food that is served there is exotic and the services are fast.
Thus, the Niger country has the best facilities for the tourists. It is the best place to enjoy your vacation but is not good if you want to stay, there as a residential because of the lack of education system and other health care facilities.

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