Kyrgyzstan: The Overview

If you are searching for a destination, which can help, you out in making your memories memorable then keep on reading this post as it will surely assist you with the perfect option. Among several tourist places the one, which can never be left behind is Kyrgyzstan just because of the culture you can get here. For the ones who love to see outdoors, Kyrgyzstan is suited as the best place for them. There are several things, which attracts the visitors coming to this place some of them are fishing, delicious food, Street markets, boating, sailing and many more.

There are is a lake in Kyrgyzstan, which is quite popular called as Izzyk. The specialty of this lake is that it never even freezes at the time of winters, which is amazing. Because of this lake, the games and sports are one of the major attractions for the visitors. Among several sports played here, hiking is one of the most famous ones. The second amazing factor of Kyrgyzstan that makes it different from other countries is the traffic. One cannot find the traffic here in Kyrgyzstan as compared to other tourist places.

When it comes to the hospitality in Kyrgyzstan then delicious food available here can never be forgotten. Its famous with the name of Kyrgyz cuisine. People here in Kyrgyzstan love to eat non-veg thus horsemeat and mutton are the most famous cuisine found here.

Culture and Lifestyle of Kyrgyzstan
Around 82% of the whole population of this nation is Muslim while other 16% follow Russian Orthodoxy and remaining 3% other religions. According to a 2009 Pew Research Centre report, a higher percentage of Muslims, with 88.2% of Kyrgyzstan's population adhering to Islam. A central place in the Kyrgyz culture takes a horse breeding and yurt. The importance of the yurt can be easily seen in the national flag, the linkage of a yurt at the upper flue opening represents. The rays in a circle represent the different Kyrgyz tribes that have united to Manas. There is a long tradition of felt and leather processing. The falconers hunting, especially with eagles, as well as hunting with hounds has a long tradition in the country. The central work of literature is the great Kyrgyz epic Manas, considerably longer than the Odyssey and preserved for 1000 years by oral tradition, and further shaped. It sings of the deeds of the mythological hero Manas and his companions, in the 10th Century in the fight against the neighbouring Kyrgyz Uyghur freedom preserved.

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