Macedonia- City of Society and Culture

Macedonia is an unforgettable name in the mind of the travelers as it has large number of tourist attraction. A small and beautiful country situated in the southeast of Europe. It offers visitors a natural wonders of land which showcase a tradition and culture of this city. They make their guest to feel like their home land which makes visitors to be free and feel comfortable. It is charming area surrounded by water on each side. It is key destination for visitors as they enjoy being here in holiday or in any other trip.

Lifestyle and Culture
Macedonia is famous for its old song which makes every moment for visitors to have enjoyment throughout. It is experienced by true nature lovers and beauty which resided in this city. It is city where beauty and culture blend to give new definition of nation. Macedonia has the standard of living and lifestyle is consequently dissimilar. There is not huge poverty but a small number of people are very rich also. People here are very friendly and accompany visitors by giving warm welcome.

Best way to reach this place
You can arrive Macedonia by air by relax mood as well as with full services provided by the air staff. It is cheaper and easiest way to travel. So, whenever you are planning for visit then check out the flight details.

Top five tourist destination
Macedonia destinations draw attention of many tourists from around the globe. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and elegantly designed ancient buildings and tombstone. The country is also a center to one of the very old cultures and a number of of the best educational organization in the world. So, top five tourist attractions are:-
  1. Skopje Fortress "Kale"
    It is one of the best-looking places of Macedonia. It has a main historical importance and is extremely well-liked amongst the local people as well as the visitors from other country.

  2. Tetovo
    This is one of the most striking tour destinations at Macedonia. The place hosts several traveler attractions including Popova Sapka ski resort plus Polog valley.

  3. Ohrid
    It is add up surrounded by one of the most admired Macedonian cities and is situated close to Lake Ohrid at Macedonia. The city is identified for its peaceful nature and charming beauty.

  4. Lake Dojran
    Lake Dojran is one among the most attractive sites of Macedonia. A tourist who is extremely concerned to watch different kind of animal and plant species should absolutely visit this place. It also gives a glance of diverse bird species. The outstanding trait of this lake is that it presents the sight of the excellent fishing style that is done with the assist of birds.

  5. The Stone Bridge
    The Stone Bridge is one of the prominent familiar sights of Skopje. The main purpose of this bridge is to attach the new and the old part of the city. It attends a huge number of tourist attractions from all around the globe.
Top Hotels that one can find this place
Macedonia hotels proffer eminence boarding as well as lodging services to all their guests from all around the world. From a long time Macedonia is considered to be a sizzling sightseer destination and in order to undertake this vast number of tourist a string of hotels have been urbanized over here. There are budget hotels as well as luxury hotels. Some of the most-preferred Macedonia hotels are as follows:
  • Hotel Mramor
  • Granit Hotel
  • Hotel Kristal Palace
  • Best Western Hotel Turist
  • Holiday Inn
  • Donco Hotel
  • Inex Gorica Hotel
A significant part of the modern Macedonia Culture is expansion of tradition music, dance, literature, theater as well as films. To endorse the original talent and additional strengthen the cultural heritage, numerous cultural festivals and fairs are held. Lots of them have expanded International significance. So, be a part of Macedonia society and culture during your visit.

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