Make Yourself Familiar With the Key Points of Kuwait

Kuwait is a country based in Asia. In the Middle East of it is a sovereign Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia is in the north and Iraq is in west. The maximum distance of country from north to the extreme south is around 210 km and from east to west a distance of 170 km. Actually Kuwait is an Arabic word, meaning "water around a castle. The constitutional monarchy of Kuwait is with a population of almost 32 million of the country's parliamentary system of government. The well developed Kuwait City is the country's political and economic capital. There are many small islands in Kuwait. Kuwait was harshly invaded by Iraq in 1991. The Iraqi forces back nearly 751 working oil wells turned to dust, as a major economic and environmental tragedy had wedded in Kuwait. Kuwait's infrastructure was severely damaged in that war, which had re-repaired.

Infrastructure in Kuwait
The well-developed road network comprises about 3,800 kilometres. Kuwait has a well developed industrial port and four ports of petroleum. The international airport is located near the capital. With the billions in revenue from the oil sector and encouraged by the fall of Saddam Hussein, the country has taken to diversify the economy in attack. A modern container port is built and an island will be transformed into a tourist complex. There are plans to build a subway in Kuwait, whose routes are divided between four lines and should be 172 kilometres long. The annual ridership is estimated to 67.21 billion passengers. Construction is planned for autumn 2010 and be completed by the spring 2016. The total cost is estimated at 12.4 billion U.S. dollars to 22% by the Kuwaiti government, 21% by the contractor and the remaining 48% by an IPO should be applied. This approach is part of the planned strategy of Kuwait to take advantage of innovations in public projects for private capital.

Culture and Lifestyle of Kuwait
The great influence of expanding the culture of Islam and Arab is on its music and architecture. The most distinctive and attracting characteristic of local Kuwait culture are diwaniya. It involves a large reception rooms which was used for male social gatherings of Kuwait attended mostly by close friends and family members. Unlike to other neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia, the dress code of individuals here is not a compulsion for all, many older Kuwaiti men used to wear dish dasha.

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