Marshall Islands-Where It Is and Its Culture

Marshall Islands is a Micronesian nation that is located in the center of Pacific Ocean and in the northern side of Equator and in the western side of International Date Line. This island has a population of about 67,182 as it is a small island. Marshall Island achieved its independence in the year 1986 by the aid of Compact free association. This island is situated north of Kiribati and Nauru, east of the States of Micronesia and at the southern side of United States territory of Wake Island. The island country consists of 5 isolated island and 29 atolls. This island chain result in the formation of two groups Ralik Chain and Ratak Chain which means sun rise and sun set.

Culture and lifestyle
The people that are residing in this country are basically Christian and Muslims. There are numerous Catholic Church and Jesus Christ followers that are residing in this island. People that are living here have blind faith in God and they try everything to please God. You can find the Mosques that are located in number of places, the beautiful incarnations of the Mosques are appreciated by the visitors. The various forms of dances are performed by the people that are living there. The traditional dance forms are famous among the people.

Dishes that are served at the Hotels
The hotels that are there offer the best services and Exotic food. There are number of five star and four star hotels and you can choose from. The interior decoration of the hotels is appreciable, which attracts the tourists towards it. They serve all kinds of food like Thai, Continental, Chinese, Mexican and various other dishes. Therefore, you will not feel that there is something missing since you are away from your country. The seafood that is served in this restaurant is very delicious, you can find cods, lobsters, crabs and many other dishes that are made from it. Some tourists visit this island just to have the exotic taste of the seafood that is being served at the restaurants.

Marshall Island is full of natural beauty which can rarely be found on any other island. The beautiful interior decoration of the hotels and the restaurants is also the reason why number of tourist visits this place every year. You can avail the discounts at the hotels that are located on this island by downloading the coupons that are available on the internet.