Mauritius-Culture and Hotels That Are Found in This Beautiful Island

Mauritius is an island that is located in Southern east coast of the continent of Africa and at a distance of about 900 kilometers east of the Madagascar. The Island is part of Mascarene, French Reunion Island and the Rodriguez Island. The total area of this island is about 240 kilometers square and the capital city of it is Port Louis. During the Napoleonic war England took the control of Mauritius from France. This island became independent from United Kingdom in the year 1968. It is a part of South African Development community.

Culture and lifestyle
The main language that is spoken by the people that are living here is Mauritian Creole, French and English. The television programs and the newspaper that are published in this country are in French language but the official language that is spoken by the people that are living here is English. The culture of this island is a mixed one, since the people from different tribes have come and settled down here. This island is famous for the bird named dodo and is considered as the home for these birds. The inhabitants of this island eat the flesh of this bird; since it is easily found there as it cannot fly due to it's over weight and is mostly found on land.

Top hotels that you can find at this place
Though there are about top 30 hotels that are located in Mauritius but the best of these hotels are:
  • Anari hotel
    This hotel is a five star one, with all the facilities and services that are available at the doorstep of the room of the hotels. Though it's a bit costly, but you will get the value for money, as they serve the delicious food which is beyond any comparison. You can also have the look at the beautiful beaches while taking your food, as it is located aside of the beach.

  • Coco beach hotel
    This hotel is famous for the seafood and the various dishes that are made from it. You can have a glance at the beaches while enjoying the exotic food at the same time. This is also a five star hotel.
Mauritius is a beautiful island which attracts number of tourists every year. The beautiful beaches and the favorable weather are admired by the tourist. It is the best place to spend your vacations with your family and friends.

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