Mayotte -- A Place Where You Can Enjoy Pleasure of Comfort

Mayotte is overseas region of France that consist the mainland Grande-Terre and smaller island Petite-Terre. There are number of small islets in the northern Mozambique Channel, in the Indian Ocean and between northwestern Madagascar, northeastern Mozambique. The total area of the Mayotte is 374 square kilometers and the approximate population of the land is 194,000 people. The capital of this beautiful country is Mamoudzou and geographically it is the part of Comoro Islands, but it was separated from it in way back 1974.

Amazing features of the islands
Some of the amazing features of the country include that it has its own airport and there are no railways or waterways. The country is densely populated and holds number of 17 communes, among which Mamoudzou is the largest, which is divided in three cantons. The official language of Mayotte is French and the main religion of the country is Islam with minor number of Muslims and Christians. Islands also hold some of the excellent hotels of the world that provide luxurious facilities to their guests. The temperature and climate of the country is moderate, where you can enjoy sunny side of the day with cool breezes. It is considered one of the best places, where you can enjoy your vacations with your friends and family.

Tourism is also important part of Mayotte
Today, tourism is one of the leading ways by which the economical needs are maintained in the country, which is why they offer great number of hotels and resorts. All the hotels and resorts in the country provide some amazing facilities with excellent service to their guests. You just need to find the perfect hotel for your family, which can fulfill your needs and requirements. Reaching to this part of the world is very you just need to find the best airway means so that you can directly land to the international airport of Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport. After, reaching the country you can simply explore the country with the help of taxi or cab and you can visit some of the most amazing beaches, which are famous for fishing.

Know more about Mayotte
In general, best place for spending your vacations, as it is very affordable country with lots of fun and entertainment. Many other things are there which you can enjoy in this part of the world your just need to find according to needs. You can also search more about Mayotte on internet.