Mexico: The Country of Art and Music

Mexico is also known as United Mexican State and the country is located in North America. The country is surrounded by Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico as the water bodies. The country covers an area of around 571 sq km with a population of around 1972550 people. The population includes people who are Mestizos, whites and other indigenous groups of people. The country speaks Spanish as their official language. The country has the diversity in climate dry and high temperatures and hurricanes too. The country follows Roman Catholicism as the religion. The economy of the country is dependent on Tourism, thus reducing the existing poverty in the nation.

Modes Of Commutation For The Country
The country has many International flights to avail which includes American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American West, British Airways and many more, which helps commuting from and to many other countries and cities from Mexico.

Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise and Norwegian Cruise Lines are the mode of commutation by sea, from and to the country.

Best Restaurants In Mexico
Joe Jack's Fish Shack- This restaurant in Mexico serves great variety of sea food inclusive of fishes, shrimps, mahi mahi. The restaurant is elevated by the soft rock music, which attracts more customers to it.
  • Pizzeria El Punto
    The restaurant is situated in San Cristobal De Las Casas, which is the best restaurant in the town, serving the best pizzas in town. The restaurant is located near Real de Guadalupe. The restaurant has a bar, serves great pizzas with great ambience to retain the customers.

  • La Casa del Cheesecake
    The restaurant is located in Merida, serving the best cheesecakes in the city with great varieties and vibrant flavours.
Lifestyle And Culture
Mexico has an influence of Spain on its culture inclusive of art, architecture or literature. The literature of Mexico includes writers like Carlos Fuentes, Octavio Paz and Mariano Azuela. Nezahualcoyotl is one of the famous prehistoric poets of Mexico. There have been great contributions towards architecture by various architects like Frida Kahlo and Rufino Tamayo and the architectural figures include Man at The Crossroads, Rockfeller Centre and National Palace.

Mexico has also contributed towards cinema and films like Babel and Como agua para chocolate. The music played in Mexico includes Mariachi, Banda, Corridos, pop, rock and classical as well as contemporary forms.

The economy of Mexico is mostly run through tourisms from different countries, especially from American countries. There has been emergence of Us and Canada trade for Mexico too.

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