Moldova: An Overview

Moldova is also known as Republic of Moldova. The country is located in Eastern Europe and is totally a land- locked nation. Romania and Ukraine surrounds the country and the country has Dniester as the water body. The capital of Moldova is Chisinau. The country is occupied by people as Moldovans, Ukrainians, Romans and Russians. The country speaks Moldovan, Russian and Ukrainian as the language. The country occupies an area of 33846 sq km with a population of around 3383332 people. The country is marked by moderately continental form of climate which involves summers that are long and warm while winters which are long and mild. The October month is marked by heavy rainfall. The country's economy is marked by viticulture and wine industries.

Modes Of Commutation For Moldova
Chisinau International Airport is the major source of commutation to domestic as well as international locations from and to the country. Railways serve a source of commutation within Moldova itself. Shipping in Prut and Nistru rivers is the source of commuting through water bodies. Carpatair air services have made the commutation cheap and easy for the people of Moldova.

Best Restaurant In Moldova
  • Cactus cafe
    The restaurant is located in Chisinau, having a great ambience with electric urban influence. The restaurant serves great food, vegetarian food including soy meat, good breakfast.

  • Prokhlada
    The restaurant is located in Tirospol. The restaurant is one of the best in the city, a posh one but serves really good food and a great variety of cognac. There is an arrangement for TV screens to watch matches as different times.

  • Beer House
    The restaurant is located in Chisinau. The restaurant has their own brewery serving the best home- made beers. The restaurant serves a great deal of grilled chicken and chicken wings. The restaurant is great and has a soothing ambience.
Culture And Lifestyle
The culture and lifestyle of the Moldova has an influence of Latin and Slavic culture on it. The literatyre and writings of the country has the influence of Romanian language. Ion Creanga and Mihai Eminescu are the famous writer and poet of the country respectively.

The country has Tranta, as a form of wrestling played by the people. Football and Rugby are the other sports being played by the people of Moldova.

The country imports petroleum, coal and natural gas. The agriculture and wine industry are the major economic activities for the country.

Tourism is also turning to be the economy hold for the country.

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