Monaco: The Description

Monaco is also known as Principality of Monaco. The country is located on French Riviera. The country is surrounded by France and Italy, having Monte Carlo as its capital. Monaco covers an area of around 1.98 sq km having a population of approximately 35352 people. The people of Monaco speak French, Italian and English as their official languages. The religion followed by Monacans includes Roman Catholicism and Jewish. The climate of the country is warm Mediterranean form that has the influences of sub tropical and oceanic climate. The summers are marked by being warm and dry while the winters are marked by being rainy and mild. The tourism is the major source of economy in the country, Casino and gambling are the other options for economic activities.

Modes Of Commutation To And Fro Monaco
Monte Carlo International Heliport is the mode of international and domestic flights to commute from and to different countries. Cote d'Azur Airport, France is another mode of air commutation. Monaco- Monte Carlo Railway Station is the mode to commute to various other French countries.

Best Hotels In Monaco
Forum Hotel- The hotel is located in Monte Carlo, near Monaco Train Station. The hotel is comfortable, modern type, grat ambience and beautiful rooms. The hotel has a Mediterranean restaurant and a mini bar too.
  • Hotel Alexandra
    The Alexandra Hotel is a middle-ranged hotel located in Monte Carlo. The hotel is spacious, clean, carpeted, having good furniture and mini bars. The hotel is located in the middle of the city which makes the area noisy.

  • Hotel Port Palace
    The Port Palace hotel is the extravagant hotel that is made for the elite class. The hotel is meant for international visits and meetings serving great cuisine for top ranged people.
Lifestyle And Culture
The culture of Monaco is Monegasque or Monacan. The country is marked by different people from different nationality. The country is marked by luxurious yachts. The country is marked by celebrities in it. The education is mandatory for the people of Monaco.

Formula 1 car race, The Monaco Grand Pix is the famous car race that took place in the country.

The country is famous for literature which can be seen through The Prince Grace Library. Monte Carlo Opera is a famous art of the country.

Tourism is the commercial activity of the country marked by hotel industry, restaurant industry and gambling.

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