Mongolia: The Description

The country of Mongolia is situated in Eastern and Central Asia. The country is a landlocked one surrounded by Russia and China as the other countries around it. The capital of Mongolia is Ulan Bator. Mongolia covers an area of around 1564115.75 sq km with a population estimating to 2,754,685 people who speak Mongolian as the official language. Mongolia has people groups including Mongol and Kazakh. The religion followed by these people groups of Mongolia includes primarily Buddhism then Islam, Shamanism and some people do follow Christianity as their religion. The climate of Mongolia is Extreme one, marked by less rainfall and long, freezing winters. The economy of Mongolia is marked by agriculture and mining, mining being the major source of economy for the country.

The Modes Of Commutation For Mongolia
Chinggis Khan International Airport serves the purpose of commutation with the domestic cities as well as international locations too. Aero Mongolia, Aeroflot and Air China are some of the internationally connecting flights connecting Mongolia.

There is Trans Mongolian Railway service for local transitions and commutation purpose.

The Best Restaurant In The Country
  • Hazara
    The Hazara restaurant is located in Ulaanbaatar city of Mongolia and is famous for serving North Indian Cuisines. The restaurant is beautifully decorated by Samiyan. The food is fresh, good and the best form of variety of North Indian Food types. Murgh Makhani is the speciality of the restaurant.

  • Chinggis Club
    The restaurant is located in Ulaanbaatar. The restaurant is the best amongst the bear serving ones or the breweries present in the country. There is a German Chef present in the restaurant that serves variety of dishes of meat in the restaurant.

  • Narya Café
    The restaurant is again in the city of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. The restaurant has the great ambience with great graffiti and art work on the walls of the restaurant. The restaurant serves the optimum priced muffins, soups, sandwiches and burgers.
Lifestyle and Culture
The culture has an influence from Buddhism and Tibet. The Khoomei is the form of music inherited by the people in the western part of Mongolia. The architectural works of Mongolia includes Batu, Tsagaan and various other quadratic temples.

The music of Mongolia is influenced by nature, Tibet, Buddhism and Nomadic form of culture.

The country has various sports such as Horse racing, wrestling and Archery. Sumo Wrestling is the famous form of sport played in the country. Mongolia has a National Football Team too.

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