Montserrat: The Inclusions of the Country

Montserrat is the country located in Leeward Island in West Indies. The capital of Montserrat is Plymouth. Montserrat covers an area of around 102 sq km with a population estimating to 5879 people. The people of the country speak mostly in English and follow the religion as Anglican Protestant, Catholics and Protestant. The country includes three Parishes, which are Saint Anthony Parish, Saint Georges Parish and Saint Peter Parish. The climate of the country is tropical averagely ranging from 25-30 degrees. July to November months is marked as the hurricane seasons. Tourism is important economic activity for Montserrat.

Modes Of Commutation
Gerald's Airport serves the purpose of commutation to and fro the country of Montserrat. Winair services provide air commutation daily, a number of times for Antigua.

Bad weathers are great issues when a person decides to commute in Montserrat.

Best Sites In Montserrat
  • Funicular de Sant Joan
    It is a religious site to witness. The site is a monastery which is 250 metre up in the mountains. The site is concessional for children and also provides the train services to the tourists to witness this religious site.

  • Museu de montserat
    The site is a museum which is the aggregation of ancient arts. The museum has Egyptian mummy, Multimedia presentation of Monk's lifestyle. The museum resides in it various artwork by degas, Picasso, etc. The museum has this attraction of ancient touch to it, to attract the tourists.

  • Runaway Ghaut
    Runaway Ghaut is the site located in hills. The site is surrounded by small water flows elevated by small natural springs. The site at times serves a great purpose of picnic spot.
Lifestyle and Culture
Montserrat is marked with local folk music and folktales. Montserrat is having the influence of African culture.

Cricket is the major sport played by the people of Montserrat, in fact the country has participation In West Indies Cricket Team too.

Montserrat has a participation in football and has a team in FIFA too.

Montserrat has great accumulation of various rare flora and fauna. Royal Botanic gardens have been an aggregation of such species that can be studied and considered upon by different scientists too.

The economy of the country has been underdeveloped due to poverty, illiteracy, and land issues in the country. The country imports almost everything and has an export and shipping of various inputs for construction purpose. British government has been of great help in terms of economic uplifting of the country.

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