Morocco: The Country Residing Great Mosque

Morocco is also known as Kingdom of Morocco. The country is located in North Africa, in Western Sahara. The capital of Morocco is Rabat. The country covers an area of around 710850 sq km and with a population of around 35657056 people in it. The people in Morocco are in groups of Arab, Berber and Jews. The language spoken by the people of the country includes Arabic, Amazigh, Moroccan, Arabic, Central Atlas and Tamazight. The people in Morocco are Sunni Muslim, Christians and some are Jews too. The economy of Morocco is a liberal one and is heading towards privatization. Tourism, textile and information technology are the turning economic activities of Morocco.

Modes Of Commutation
Mohammed v International Airport links Morocco to different international and domestic countries. Fes Airport and Menara Airport too have regular flights to and from Morocco. Other flights include British Airways, Easy jet, Air France and Regional Airlines that helps in commutation.

Ferry services can also be availed in Morocco including Comarit, Ferry Rapidos del Sur and Transmediterranea.

Best Restaurants In Morocco
  • A El- Fna Food Stalls
    The chain of restaurants is located in Marrakesh. It is a chain of around 100 small restaurants serving various varieties of cuisines including grills, different form of meat, snail soups, skewered hearts and other varieties of food.

  • Cafe clock
    The restaurant is located in Fes. The restaurant serves grilled sandwiches, vegetarian food, burgers. The restaurants here are one of the tourist attractions. There are different programmes on Sundays that attract majority of the tourists.

  • Outdoor
    The restaurant is located in Essaouira and is an outdoor restaurant serving the fresh seafood. The restaurant is marked by on the spot cooking inclusive of grilled fish and many more. The customers also can participate in cooking process.
Lifestyle And Culture
Morocco is enriched in culture. The culture of Morocco has an influence of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Moroccan music is influenced by Arab, African and Amazigh. The country is popular for its musical instruments like flute, zither, lutes etc.

The poetry, essay, historiography etc of Morocco has an influence of Mid- East and Western form of literary works.

The economy of Morocco is upheld by agriculture, which is the primary source of income for Morocco. Tourism is also turning to be an economic activity of the country. Banking and financial activities are also turning to be major economic activity for the country.

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