Mozambique: The Descriptive Study of the Country

The country of Mozambique is also known as Republic Of Mozambique. The country is located in South- East Africa. Mozambique is surrounded by Indian Ocean, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa. The capital of Mozambique is Maputo. The country of Mozambique covers an area of around 801590 sq km with a population of around 21,397,000 people. The people of Mozambique are found in the groups of Africans, Europeans and some Indians too. The languages spoken by these groups of people include Portuguese, Swahili and Sena. The religion followed by the people of Mozambique includes Christianity, Islam and people following Animism. The climate of the country of Mozambique is tropical involving wet Octobers to March months and April to September marked by being dry. The rainfall is in the coastal areas of the country. October month is marked by Cyclones too.

Modes Of Commutation To And Fro Mozambique
Kenya Airways, South African Airways and TAP Air Portugal are some of the air commuting modes for the country to commute to and from the country. There are Sail services too in the country of Mozambique that helps commuting between Likoma Island and Metangula.

Best Restaurants In Mozambique
  • Mundo's
    The restaurant Mundo's is located in Maputo city of Mozambique. The restaurant has a beautiful ambience elevated with wooden decor and furniture. The restaurant serves great breakfast. The restaurant has its speciality in pizzas, burgers and burreties.

  • Restaurante Costa do Sol
    The restaurant is located in Maputo, near the beach. The restaurant serves great grilled food. The sea food served by the restaurant is quite popular. The weekends in the restaurant are popular, busy and musical too.

  • Feira Popular
    Theses area groups of restaurants located in Maputo. There are different small bars and restaurants all arranged under one compound. There are numerous people, tourists and visitors who prefer to come to such vibrant form of food outlets.
Lifestyle and Culture
The country of Mozambique is famous for handmade instruments which include drums, xylophones, marimba and chopi. The music in Mozambique has the influences of the west, Indian, calypso, samba, maxime in it. The literary rate being low, the country has less of the literature retained with it. Oral storytelling has been effective in transferring literature to the descendents of the country.

Wood carving, wood sculpture making and Makonde fashion masks are popular in the country.

Football is one of the popular games played by the people of Mozambique.

The maximum of the economy of the country is due to Agriculture and then by the handicrafts too.

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