Myanmar: The Overview

The country of Myanmar is also known as Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The country is surrounded by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh and India as the other countries. The country is surrounded by Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea as the water bodies. The country of Myanmar covers an area of around 676578 sq km having the population of around 60,280,000 people. The capital of Myanmar is Naypyidan. The group of people present in Myanmar is inclusive of Burmese, Shan, Karen, Chinese and Indians. The language spoken by these groups of people in Myanmar includes Burmese, Jingpho, Chin and Kayah. The country is marked by a climate that has great monsoon effects the average temperature of Myanmar stays around 32 degrees. The country has a great delta region because of high precipitation. The ecosystem of Myanmar is great enough to hold great flora and fauna.

Commutation Modes In Myanmar
Yangon Airport is the airport in Myanmar that helps people commuting from Myanmar to different cities. Air China, Indian Airlines, Malaysian Airlines are the flights that can help people move to different countries and from different countries to Myanmar.

Best Restaurants In Myanmar
  • Monsoon
    The monsoon restaurant is located in Yangon city of Myanmar. The restaurant is a Southeast Asian restaurant serving multi-cuisines. The dishes included in Monsoon restaurant include dishes from Thailand, Lao and Columbia.

  • Yakiniku Japanese Barbeque
    The restaurant is situated in Yangon city of Myanmar. The restaurant serves great Japanese food. The restaurant is majorly famous for barbecue food and this serves good to attract the customers and tourists.

  • Maw Shwe Li Restaurant
    The restaurant is again situated in Yangon. The restaurant has great footsteps from the local crowd of the city. It has cost effective food serving great vegetarian dishes like soups, curries etc. Sour bean dishes and fried mushrooms are the specialities of the restaurant.
Culture and Lifestyle
The art and culture of Myanmar has an influence from Theravada Buddhism. The great work of Yama Zatdaw in Myanmar is the adaptation of the Indian epic- The Ramayana. The other form of art includes comedy dramas with dance and music and the famous puppet shows, which are quite renowned in the country.

The sport played by the people of Myanmar includes Chinlon and Soccer.

Handicraft work is quite popular in Myanmar.

The economy is not that established in Myanmar due to less literacy and less infrastructural developments.

Agriculture serves to be the great part of the economy. Other economic activity in Myanmar includes sale of sapphires, jades, pearls, rubies etc which attracts the tourists. Tourism is also turning to be an economic activity for the country.

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