Namibia: An Overview

Namibia is also known as Republic of Namibia. Namibia is located in South Africa. The country is surrounded by Angola, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa as the surrounding locations. The Atlantic Ocean is the surrounding water body of Namibia. The capital of Namibia is Windhoek. The country holds a population of around 20,88,669 people distributed in an area of 825418 sq km. The group of people found in Namibia includes Blacks and Whites. The language spoken by the group of people includes English, German and Rukwangali. The religion followed by the people of Namibia is Christianity and Roman Catholicism, the people here are Lutheran and Anglicans too. The climate of Namibia is marked by low precipitation rate with high temperatures in the day time and pretty cold at night. October to December months is marked by some rainfall. The economy of Namibians includes agriculture and mining.

Commutation To and From Namibia
Chief Hosea Kutako International Airport is the airport providing Namibia the airlines that help people to commute from Namibia and to the country too. Air Namibia is also one of the airlines that help commutation in and out of the country.

Sites In Namibia
Etosha National Park is a beautiful site to watch having large variety of flora and fauna. Flamingos, Shallow lagoons, wildlife, etc are the attraction for the tourists. Fish River Canyon is the famous reside for fishes, amphibians and other water bound bodies.

Best Restaurants in Namibia
  • Joe's Beer House
    The restaurant is located in Windhock. The restaurant calls for being the most famous one and the major attraction for tourists. The restaurant serves in small African huts kind of arrangement. The restaurant serves great evening food. The zebra, crocodile and Kudu are the speciality of Joe's Beer House.

  • Homestead
    The restaurant Homestead is situated in Windhock and is one of the best restaurants in the town. The restaurant serves a great deal of vegetarian and non- vegetarian cuisines. The restaurant has an outdoor arrangement serving varities of wines and liquor. The grilled zebra, crocodile and fresh fish are the speciality of the restaurant.

  • Napolitana
    This restaurant is located in Swakopmund city of Namibia. The restaurant serves great Italian food inclusive of pizzas and pastas. The restaurant has also seafood in its menu. The restaurant also provides the customers with home deliveries.
Culture and Lifestyle
The literacy rate of the country is very low. The country has people living in small tribes.

Inline hockey and Football are the famous games played by the people of Namibia. In fact the country has its own National Football team.

Agriculture, mining and Tourism are the source of economy for the country.

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