Nauru - A Small Island With Full of Adventures

Nauru is commonly known as Pleasant island, it is in Micronesia in the South Pacific. The nearest neighbor island is Banaba Islands in Kiribati, which is in the eastern side of Nauru. It is world's smallest republic country, which is just 21 square kilometers in area and with the population 9,265 is the second least populated country after Vatican City. Nauru has faced many annexed by German Empire, Australia, New Zealand; it also has been the center of bypassing of many countries such as Japanese in the World War 2.

General information about country
It was considered an important place for coral forming rock and it is one of the most amazing coral formation shores. Nauru is one of the beautiful islands in the blue Pacific Ocean from the north of the Solomon Islands. The country is full of adventures and many exciting sea beaches, to explore those entire things you just need to plan a vacation to this part of the world. People of the island are great and they respect every tourist in their country, which is why country is considered one of the best countries, which provide excellent hospitality to tourists. In the present day scenario, country has well developed hotels and resorts, so that it can attract all kinds of tourists.

Enjoy the amazing world of Nauru
If you really want to enjoy some of the exciting sea related fun, then you can easily come to Nauru. It holds many sea activities such as deep-sea fishing, tour of the island, scuba diving in the depths of ocean and you can explore the phosphate mines. There are things that can amaze you and for that, you have to experience and visit Nauru. It has Nauru International airport through which you can easily come to this country and after that you can hire a car or you can book travel car that can help you in exploring this country. You can also reach her by the means of the seaways, by the help of the cruise ships.

Small country good place for tourism
Today, Nauru is considered one of the best places for sea tourism, as it holds many beaches and seawater activities. If you want to avail, some of the best deals and offers related to the hotels than you can search in the internet. Make sure to pack all your sea activity things before your place to Nauru.