NORWAY land of midnight sun is a fantastic place to experience the midnight sun. NORWAY is called as "Norge" by Norwegians, which means the way to north Norway. The country shares its border with Sweden to the east, Finland in the northern region to the south, the southern border with Denmark and Russia to the east and shares the extensive coastline with North Atlantic Sea and the Barent Sea. Norway is famous for its mountain ranges & Fjord apart from the midnight sun. Mountain ranges from rocky slopes to forested mountains and from glaciers to ice fields, which are being separated by deep valleys. Fjords are formations created by retreating glaciers which slowly carved the hard rock during ice ages. Fjord complements the natural beauty of Norway with remarkable structures and sizes and due to their significance as, a World Heritage Sites some of Norway's fjords are protected by UNESCO. Some of the most popular fjords in the Norway are Songefjord, Geirangerfjord and Hardangerfjord. The natural beauties of these fjords can be the perfect way to escape the hush and hum of Norway's cities and the driving factor for many artists during the visit. Norway is one of the most popular destinations for fjord cruises, mountain cycling trips and mountaineering today.

Best hotels that one can find this place
  • Rica Nidelven Hotel- Trondheim
  • Rica Airport Hotel Stavanger- Sola Municipality
  • Rica Bakklandet Hotel- Trondheim
  • Clarion Collection Hotel Tollboden- Drammen
  • Rica Park Hotel Stavanger- Stavanger
  • Molde Fjordstuer- Molde
  • Rica Ishavshotel- Tromso
  • Thon Hotel Alta- Alta
  • Rica Hotel Grimstad- Grimstad
  • Solstrand Hotel & Bad- Os Municipality
Culture & Lifestyle
Most of the population consist of Norwegians and North Germanic people. Nynorsk and Bokmål are recognized as official languages. Oslo is the capital city of the country. High level of living standards in Norway is one of the most pleasant experiences with world class lifestyle. Norway is popular among British and European visitors from the 19th century to the present. Norway has one of the most important contributions to architectural history like wooden architecture. Even today most of the new buildings are made of wood. These properties make Norway more beautiful place to live in. Norwegians are well educated and developed people. Its economy is one of the strongest in world. Norwegian dishes shows its influence of traditional farming & long seafaring like traditional potato flatbread, salmon (fresh and cured) trout, codfish, herring (pickled or marinated), fårikål, smalahove and lutefisk.

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