Pakistan is located in south Asia with Arabian Sea to the south, India in the east, Iran in the west and china in northwest. The Pakistan has a total area of about 803,940 sq km. the national languages is Urdu and its official capital is Islamabad. Islam is the major religion in Pakistan. A trip to Pakistan lead to a splendid invasion of preserved essence of cultural heritage site of its conquerors in form of monuments of Mughals; the Khyber pass and archaeological sites like Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, Taxila, Kot Diji, Mehar Garh and Takht Bahi. Unique pleasure of mountain sights and ancient unchanging traditions presents a awesome experience for travelers. The Himalayas ranges and formidable peaks also present challenges for traveler looking for mountaineering, trekking, angling and safaris. The remote valley from the ranges makes an ideal summer gateway for travelers.

Top restaurants that one can find this place
  • Bar-B-Q Tonight- Karachi
    Cuisine Type: Local, Bar B Q

  • Lal Qila- Karachi
    Cuisine Type: local & Mughali Buffet

  • Lasania-Karachi
    Cuisine Type: Local and Chinese

  • Salt N Pepper Village- Karachi/Lahore
    Cuisine Type: Local Buffet

  • Freddy's Cafe- Lahore
    Cuisine Type: Local & International

  • Ziaffat- Lahore
    Cuisine Type: Oriental

  • Arizona Grill- Islamabad
    Cuisine Type: Continental, Mexican & Italian

  • Mezzo Nouvelle Cuisine -- Islamabad
    Cuisine Type: Continental, Thai & Local
Culture & Lifestyle
More than five millennium the civilization faced successive wave of migration from Aryans, Persian, Greek, Arabs and Mughal but it was only Islam which took its root and became the main settlers of Pakistan. The Islamic cultural and tradition is mostly prevalent in the cities. Pakistan has a proud old tradition of art & craft for more than a thousand years which is inherited by the immense traditional culture. The Pakistan has a well reputed product market like carpets, leather, clay, stone, fabrics, metal and jewellary making. Religion play an important role in the lives of people as 98 percent of pollution are Muslim with almost 80 percent shunni and 20 percent sh'iah. However there are some Guruduwara and Buddhism temples present from the ancient past. The practices of purdah system are prevalent in the society as, it differentiates male and female spheres. Different spaces are allocated for men and women as for their protection and respectability. The traditional are practiced depending on family traditions. The Sufi songs, ghazals and poems in Urdu are famous across the borders.

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