Palau: The Overview

The State of Micronesia, the Pacific island region is assigned, the islands of Palau, which are structured from archipelago of the Carolinas and Papua New Guinea and are given name as southwest islands. The Palau consist of 356 islands, the largest is Babelthuap with 396 km land size. Some of the islands are colonized. Most islands are coral atolls some meters above sea level. The climate remains tropical and twelve-monthly temperature is 27 ° C; the quantity of rainfall per annum is 1,500 to 2,500 mm. The previous capital was Koror which covers only 11 square kilometres on an island named Koror. Melekeok was built as the recent capital to the east of the main island Babelthuap.

History of Palau
The most primitive inhabitants of Palau were probably from Australia, Indonesia and Polynesia and the islands already inhabited around 1000 BC The Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos first sighted the islands in 1543 and they took possession for Spain. Palau in the 1574 General Spanish East Indies was incorporated, which later became the viceroy of New Spain. The Spaniards occupied the islands and sold them after their conquer in the Spanish-American War, adjoining to most of the remaining Caroline Islands in agreement with German-Spanish treaty in 1899 as division of German New Guinea headed for the German Reich in the late 19th Century. On 15 August 1914 Japan declared war on Germany, occupied the islands and was afterwards recognized as the League of Nations mandated territory. After the sometimes heavy fighting between the U.S. and Japan in the conflict of the Palau, the islands became district of the UN Territory of Pacific Islands Trust underneath the rule of United States in 1947.

Culture and Lifestyle of Palau
The best connections are at the international airport there from Australia and New Zealand. Continental Airlines flies from Europe with stoppages in the United States and Guam to Palau, Guam and Manila also available via twice weekly. China Airlines (Taiwan) from Frankfurt is main connecting flight in Taipei. There are faster connections with Japan Airlines (JAL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA) via Tokyo, by means of China Airlines and Eva Air via Taipei to Manila by means of Philippine Airlines in addition to Continental Airlines carry on to Guam to Palau. Hong Kong also serves as a hub in Asia.