Palestine-Know About Its Culture

Palestine is a conventional name that is used to describe the geographic region between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. The boundaries of this island are defined by Franco-British Boundary agreement in the year 1920. Nowadays the region of this country compromises the country of Palestinian and Israel territories. It was recognized by about 128 of 193 member states of U.N in the year December 2011, there are still many countries that do not recognize this state. It is not densely populated and has less number of people as compared to other states. Jerusalem is the capital of this country.

Culture and Lifestyle
The people that are living in this country are mostly Muslims. They are having etiquettes and give respect to others; there are Mosques that are found in Palestine. The beauty of these Mosques is beyond any comparison; once you visit there, you will love the incarnations and sculptures that are designed there. If you are Muslim, you will be comfortable in adjusting with the people that are residential of it. However, the Muslims are more in number there but there are 25% of the people that belong to different tribes live in this country. The parda system is common in this country. The women cover their faces with clothes and you will never find them without their face being hidden.

Best Hotel In Palestine
Palestine hotel is an 18-story hotel in Baghdad, Iraq located on Firdos Square. This hotel has the best interior decoration and is preferred by number of tourists that are visiting there. This hotel was built up in the year 1982 by the government of Iraq. This is the best hotel to be visited with all the facilities that you aspire. You can find different type of food in this hotel, Thai, Italian, continental and Chinese, If you are planning to go to Palestine than I will suggest you to visit this hotel.

This is a beautiful country with almost 75% of the people who follow Islam, they are known because of their values and respect. If you are new to the country you will not find any difficulty, the friendly nature of the people is admired by number of tourists that visit this country every year. If you are planning for a vacation than I will suggest you to visit this place as here you can get whatever you desire to buy that too at a cheaper price.