Paraguay: An Overview

Paraguay is a non-coastal country and as it is in the centre of America, sometimes called as Heart of America. The local languages used in Paraguay are Spanish and Guaraní.

Paraguay is the only non-coastal country in addition to Bolivia in South America. It borders with 750 miles of Bolivia to the east with 1290 km of Brazil and in the south and west by Argentina with 1699 km. The entire border length is 3739 km. Paraguay is having a region of nearly 407,000 km² and equivalent to German and Switzerland.

Paraguay's largest and most important city is the capital Asuncion, having residents ranging to 1 million only for urban area, the centre of government, industry and trade. Second largest city is Ciudad del Este having 239 500 inhabitants near the border of Brazil and Argentina. It is a fast modernising city well-known as a shopping and commercial centre and area of smuggling.

Mode of transportation
  • Air traffic
    In Paraguay, there are two airports with flights to neighbouring countries. In accumulation, there are many other smaller and larger airports, but without regular service.

  • Rail
    The railway lines were shut down years before, with only two small railroads; one of Asunción (botanical station garden) until after Aregua, on which, however, operates only on Sundays which is carted by a steam train tourist, and Encarnación a small portion to transport of soy to Posadas.

  • Road Traffic
    Paraguay is on a number of national roads (Routes) through it, which are largely Paved. Routes are usually the two-lane, only a few sections.
Culture and Life style of Paraguay
Over national boundaries was for the Paraguayan literature, the writer Augusto Roa Bastos 's development. As romantics of regional significance is Roberto Villanueva.

In Paraguay, the folk music is also very neat, very important here is the "Polka". A classic folk instrument is the harp. From this folklore developed Jose Asunción Flores the Guarania.

Paraguay's main sport is football.

Paraguay has one of strong shadow economy marked a market economy. The shadow economy is characterized by the importing of consumer goods and their re-export to neighbouring countries from wealthy, and by the activities of thousands of small entrepreneurs and urban street vendors.

Economic data are difficult to obtain. The major population works in agriculture often in the variety of subsistence farming.

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