Pitcairn: An Overview

Pitcairn is a cluster of four islands present in the Pacific Ocean. The four islands namely Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno spread over miles of ocean. The only permanently populated island, Pitcairn, is easily reached only by boat via Bounty Bay.

Henderson Island covers approx 86% of the territory's total land area and has variety of animals is having a small human population. The left over two islands are 62 miles away and are not populated.

Pitcairn because of the location of just under the Tropic of Capricorn has a warm weather throughout the year. Summer temperatures average 25--35 degrees Celsius while the winter months averages from 17 degrees to 25. The standard humidity in summer can exceed 95%.

Electricity is endowed with by diesel generators which operate ten hours per day.

Tourism in Pitcairn
Tourism is the chief resource of income for Pitcairn providing the locals 80% of annual income. Tourists live with local families and can know the island's history while helping to the local economy. Some families have contributed to give in private homes for tourists to rent.

Modes of Transport
Pitcairna being an island, all tourists arrive here by various forms like boat or ship.

This Island has no airport or seaport; islanders depend on boats or ferries to carry people as well as cargo between islands via Bounty Bay. The island has small harbour which is used for docking and loading long-boats. Being small and water shallow only small-craft can be adjusted.

A fanatical passenger/cargo supply ship licensed by the Pitcairn Island Government is the main and best transport from Mangareva, Gambier Islands, French Polynesia.

Another common mode of transport on these Islands is four-wheel-drive quad bikes. Some cars may be present on the island.

Culture and Lifestyle of Pitcairn
Pitkern, their national language, is a Creole language having the pinch of the Tahitian language. Pitkern is widely used in Pitcairn and is taught paralleling with Standard English at the islands only school.

Fishing and swimming are two admired entertaining performance. The needed age for the Public work declared by law for all ranges from 16 to 65, ensures in progress safeguarding of the islands numerous roads and paths. The island has a worker force of above 35 men and women.

Education is offered from ages of 5 to16 for free. The school at Palau gives kindergarten and primary education which is similar to New Zealand syllabus.