Portugal: An Overview

Portugal is a country present in south-west of Europe in the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is located in the west side of Europe. The country is called after its second largest city, Porto.

Portugal is amongst the 20 tourist countries in the earth and a normal of 13 million foreign tourists visiting each year. Tourism is having a vital role in economy of Portugal having about 5% of its (GDP).

The tourists visiting Portugal are mainly Britishers, Spanish or German people and visit Portugal for environmental, gastronomic, cultural or travel for reasons of business.

Modes of Transport
After fusion of the European Economic Community, the country builds many new motorways in 1990s. In Recent time, the country has a 68,732 km road system. The first motorway linking Lisbon and local stadium is a novel project which proved Portugal to be prime country to group a motorway was opened in 1944. Portugal has three international airports present near the principal cities of Lisbon, Faro and Porto.

A national railway network which is accessible everywhere in Portugal is maintained by Comboios de Portugal. The railway network is administered by the REFER whereas the transportation of travellers and goods are the duty of Caminhos de Ferro Portuguese's.

The chief seaports are present in Sines, Aveiro, Setúbal, Lisbon, and Faro.

The two longest urban areas have subway systems. For over a century, Lisbon tram services was abounding by Companhia de Carris in Portugal. Mostly all cities have their own local transport network and taxi services.

Culture and Lifestyle of Portugal
Portugal has a unique culture which is prejudiced by various civilizations during Age of Discovery. Traditional structural design is unique.

Portuguese literature developed all the way during text and song.

Portuguese cuisine is wide-ranging. The Portuguese eat a lot of dry cod having hundreds of recipes. There are about 365 dishes of dry cod for each day of the year. The Portuguese have a tradition of excellent food and all over the country good restaurants and small typical tascas are available.

Portuguese wines are famous since Roman Empire. Port Wine is widely recognized as well known wine type in the world.

Portugal has a national sport as Football. Portuguese have a good hand in athletics, judo, kitesurf, shooting and wrestling.

Portugal has Swimming and Water Polo in swimming sport.

Other well-liked sport-related fun are air soft, fishing, golf, hiking, hunting and orienteering.

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