Puerto Rico: The Overview

The Free State of Puerto Rico is one of the U.S. foreign territories. Puerto Rico means "rich port". The residents of Puerto Rico are in German "Puerto Ricans," in Latin American Spanish, and also on the island itself is called Boricua. The original name of the island of Puerto Rico is Boriken Arawaks, the Puerto Ricans often call their island Borinquen.

If you are in search of perfect place for honeymoon then I must tell you that this country is the perfect place for your honeymoon. You will get the plenty of places which are cover with the natural beauty. This is the best place to enjoy the vacation with your lover as the romantic environment of this place will surely make you both more closely. One of the best things with this place is that you will get plenty of hotels and restaurants for you accommodation. If you are planning after two or three months then I would prefer to book you hotel as soon as possible as during the seasons time you will be find more difficult to get the appropriate hotel for you.

Culture and Lifestyle of Puerto Rico
As a famous musician have Puerto Rican origin, Hector Lavoe, Juan Tizol, Roberto Sierra, Ricky Martin, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Nina Sky, Marc Anthony, Lloyd Banks, Jose Feliciano, Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe, Pachanga, the group El Gran Combo, and more recently Enrique Cardenas and the opera diva Ana Maria Martinez made ??a worldwide name. Well-known performers of the country are Daddy Yankee, Calle, Giannina Braschi, Pedro Pietri, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Julio Voltio, Ivy Queen, Wisin y Yandel, and Hector y Tito. Puerto Rico had finally produced the most Miss Universe until 2007 - namely, five. Only in 2008, Venezuela has caught up and now, after it won the title again in 2009, Puerto Rico overhauled with six Miss Universe. Although politically part of Puerto Rico to the U.S., it has the right to nominate its own Miss Universe. As Marisol Malaret won the 1970 title of "Miss Universe" is the first time, this triggered a multi-day festival on the streets throughout the island. It will be better for you if you have the maps of this place as this will guide you in your local tour.

Hence, all in all we can say that this is one of the best place to visit either you are coming for honeymoon or vacation.

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