Rwanda : A Place of Hills

If you are planning to visit a place where you can taste the culture and lifestyle of the people living there then the best place I can suggest is Rwanda. Because of its hilly landscape in many parts, it is called as "Land of a Thousand Hills". On its territory, the African main watershed runs between the watersheds of the Nile and the Congo. From 1884 to 1916 Rwanda was a German colony; in 1962 it received its independence from the UN-mandated power, Belgium. The majority of Rwanda is a highland with an average altitude of 1600 meters. Rwanda is called like "Land of a Thousand Hills" and in fact has a very hilly landscape, mainly in the western part of the country.

Flora and Fauna of Rwanda
The high mountains in Rwanda reflect the ecosystems with unique plant and animal species coined by the foggy-cool-humid tropical climate come about. For example, the Nyungwe Forest is home to the only remaining mountain rain forest a considerable biodiversity with many endemic species. The centre of Rwanda's long been used intensively for agriculture. In hot, arid east are the Akagera National Park with grass-tree savanna, wetlands and lakes. The park housed until 1994 and many large herds of zebra, impala, topi and buffaloes and other species of antelope in small herds, a few elephants and giraffes were flown in from Tanzania. Lions were numerous, leopards also available. The waters were many hippos and crocodiles. The bird fauna is very diverse. Because of the war was the animal population - especially the lions and antelopes - decimated very strong. A special feature of Rwanda is the few remaining mountain gorillas in Virunga too. The endangered mountain gorillas are protected by protective groups.

Culture and Lifestyle of Rwanda
The indigenous ancestors and the cult does not Ryangombe (a great personality) public appearance, but is practiced alongside the established religions later by a significant proportion of the population remains. It is also a monotheistic religion with a creator God (Imana) and a great personality (Ryangombe), the one mediator and earthly representative of God. Because of certain parallels to Jesus the Rwandans during the German colonial period were relatively easy to obtain for the Christian faith. In the north of the country - as in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo - there is the Nyabingi cult, which centres on a woman. The great influence of expanding Islamic and Arabian Culture on its music, architecture, cuisine and lifestyle is prominent.

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