Saint Helena: The Overview

Saint Helena, named after the South Atlantic Ocean off Kansntpol developed through Volcano is an island. The British Overseas Territory of St. Helena and Tristan da Cunha is a part of Senshn. Its capital is Jamestown and its official language is English. The history of the island is only 500 years old; while the uninhabited island was discovered by the Portuguese in 1502.Britain used the island for many centuries to the exiles, which included people such as Napoleon Bonaparte.

History of Saint Helena
St. Helena was due to its remoteness and its cliffs never an indigenous population and remained until the 17th Century uninhabited. Until 14 May 1501 was the Portuguese João da Nova on the island and named it after Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, because their discovery was the day her name day. The Portuguese imported fruits and built some houses and a chapel (by james jackson). As they sailed, they left their sick on the island, but formed no permanent settlement. The Portuguese were the existence of the secret island to secure their strategic importance. The first long-term resident of the island was Fernao Lopez, who had been exiled by the Governor of Goa, but did not want to return to Portugal. Lopez died in 1530 at St. Helena. Longwood House, Napoleon's whereabouts during his exile. The first Englishman to set foot on the island, were Thomas Cavendish and James Lancaster. The Dutch occupation lasted until 1651st and in 1659 the British East India Company took possession of the island and built a fort on it (Jamestown), and a garrison. In 1673 the Dutch occupied St. Helena again, but were soon expelled by the British.

Culture and Lifestyle of Saint Helena
St. Helena is only accessible by boat. Besides a few cruise ships that dock at the island, there is a regular connection by mail boat, the St. Helena 26 times beginning in the year. Ships of the St Helena Line Limited run into the UK, the Canary Islands, Ascension Island, and South Africa. The planned construction of an international airport was in 2012 by the British government in December 2008 set in the global financial crisis on ice.

Agriculture was limited almost exclusively to the early cultivation of flax, which was used for the manufacture of mailbags for the Royal Mail. Meanwhile, this plant threatens the remnants of natural vegetation. Therefore, the flax by grubbing operations are from the Falkland Islands Government initiated and funded is fought.